Transfer Aircraft Ownership in a Heartbeat

transfer aircraft ownership

Have you purchased a registered aircraft from someone else and aren’t sure what the next step is? Does the idea of “transferring airplane ownership” seem confusing and arbitrary? Purchasing an aircraft from someone else can be one of the most exciting days. It’s perfectly natural to think about all of the time you’ll spend up in the air. Odds are you won’t spend much time thinking of all the paperwork you’ll have to do. That’s where we can help. At our Canadian Aircraft Registry site, we can make it easier than ever to transfer aircraft ownership and so much more. 

How to Begin to Transfer Aircraft Ownership 

The truth is that, if you buy a registered aircraft, you have to transfer ownership to you. You’ll note that we wrote “have to” and not “should consider” or “are strongly recommended that you do so.” No, you have to transfer this ownership to you. The way that works in practice is that you re-register the aircraft in your name. If this sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. At our site, you can click on “Change of Ownership – Aircraft” and you’ll be where you need to be. Simply fill out that form and send it to us. So long as you have the information in front of you, this may only take you a few minutes. 

Do You Have to Wait to Get the Form Back to Fly? 

One question we’re asked often, in one form or another is: “do I have to wait to get the ownership transfer form back to be able to fly?” No. What you are going to need is an “Interim Certificate of Registration.” The good news about this is: you can make it yourself. In fact, you can do so in just a few minutes. Take the Certificate of Registration that the previous owner gave you. Then, write your own name, address, the date you took custody and control of the plane on it. Importantly: you have to keep this document on the aircraft. Leaving it on the ground won’t do you any good. That’s it! Now you can take to the skies. 

How Long Does this Form Last? 

This form is actually valid for a longer period of time than you might think. It can last till you receive your new Certificate of Registration (the one you filled out at our site), the last day of the three-month period after the aircraft was sold to you, or the day where you transfer custody and control to someone else. This form is valid till the earliest of these days. Almost invariably, the first, your new certificate, is the one that counts. 

All of the Forms You’ll Need for Your Canadian Aircraft 

This form is just one of several that you can find at our site. Throughout your time owning a Canadian aircraft, we have all of the forms that you might need. From the day you buy it through the day you sell it to someone else, we can make sure that you’re always in compliance. For more check out our site call us at (800) 998-3527.