Your Aircraft Registration Application Depends on the Aircraft’s Origin

aircraft registration application

While this sort of bureaucratic process can be quite tiring or inconvenient, it’s important that your vehicles are properly registered with the corresponding agencies to make sure that they are operating safely and legally. This is true whether you are talking about a car or an aeroplane. Let’s go over the process for aircraft registration application and how to navigate it depending on the origin of the aircraft.

Aircraft Registration Application

It should be common knowledge that in order to legally operate an aircraft in Canadian airspace, it will need to first be registered with the civil aviation department of Transport Canada. The aircraft registration application process, however, is not exactly common knowledge, which is why we can help you navigate it more easily. Let’s talk about a very important component of this application: the difference between registering domestic and foreign aircraft.

For Canadian-Built Aircraft

If you are applying for initial aircraft registration, it will be very important to remember that the aircraft in question can’t have been previously registered with Transport Canada. If that’s the case, feel free to submit an aircraft registration application through our platform. On our homepage, you can find the necessary form, readily available for you to fill out with some pretty straightforward information about the owner and the aircraft itself. This will include the manufacturer, the model, and the serial number, as well as your personal information as an applicant. Don’t worry, our site is continuously protected with SSL encryption meant to safeguard your personal information. Once you are done with the information, all you will need to do is pay for the application fee and your registration will have been submitted.

For Foreign-Built Aircraft

Now, when the aircraft in question is being imported from a different country, then the process is going to be slightly different. Whether you are buying it new from a foreign manufacturer or from a previous owner, you will want to make sure you register it using the form specific to foreign-build aeroplanes. want to make sure that you register it using the form that is specific to foreign-built airplanes. The form will involve inputting similar information to that of the regular aircraft registration form, but it will additionally include talking about any previous registration, if any, as well as the country of manufacture. You will also need to provide proof of ownership, be that a bill of sale, a lease agreement, or something along those lines, as well as some pictures of the airplane.

Submit Your Application

Here at the National Aviation Registration, we understand that getting any kind of aircraft documentation can soon get more complicated than it should be. That is why we make sure to provide those who need it with the right help whenever the process gets too overwhelming. If you need to submit an aircraft registration application, we have all the forms you might have to send as well as the platform through which you can submit them. If you need to talk to someone about any process, just give us a call at 1-800-998-3527 or email us at