export airworthiness certificate

An Export Airworthiness Certificate is One Step in an Export Process

The export airworthiness certificate will be at the heart of the process of exporting a Canadian aircraft, but it will not be the entirety of it. A lot of people get lost along the way by thinking that this certificate is everything they need when it comes to exporting the aircraft. However, this is merely…

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new rating for an aircraft

New Rating for an Aircraft Apply with the National Aviation Registration

As you probably know already, when it comes to aviation documentation there are specific ratings for aircraft. These will determine whether or not the aircraft can do specific things, be them flying at night or carry passengers. If your aircraft is not qualified to do something and you would like to change that, you will…

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co registering an aircraft

The Difference Between Registering and Co-Registering an Aircraft

There are different ways of registering your aircraft, and each will depend on a lot of different factors. Is your aircraft ultralight or not? If so, is it basic or advanced? Are you registering it alone or are you co-registering an aircraft? Has the aircraft been registered before? You will need to consider lots of…

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canadian aircraft registration

Canadian Aircraft Registration Made Simple and Quick

Have you tried to sit down to complete your Canadian aircraft registration, yet you just couldn’t bring yourself to complete it? Did you clear time in your schedule to get it done, only to find that it was so tedious you couldn’t? That’s how it is for many people. You own a plane. You want…

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register an aircraft in canada

Register an Aircraft in Canada the Right Way

Have you been trying to register an aircraft in Canada but don’t know where to start? Does it seem like the more research you do on how to complete your registration, the more confusing it gets? If you feel that way, you aren’t alone. Here at National Aviation Registration, many of our founding members are…

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lost aircraft registration

What to Do if You Lost Aircraft Registration: Replace Certificates

No one wants to lose any sort of official document given how complicated the aftermath can be, but we at the National Aircraft Registration want to make sure this process isn’t that complex. If you have lost aircraft registration, here’s how to replace it promptly. What Happened to Your Certificate of Registration? First of all,…

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deregister an aircraft

Here’s How and When to Deregister an Aircraft from the Canadian Registry

You are probably well aware of how important it is to stay on top of your aircraft registration in order to comfortably fly according to the Canadian Aviation Regulations. However, do you know about when it’s important to deregister an aircraft?  What is Deregistration? When you first acquired your aircraft, one of the first things…

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certificate of airworthiness

Getting Your Certificate of Airworthiness in Canada Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Not everyone who claims they’ve built an airplane should be able to freely fly it in Canadian airspace, that wouldn’t be safe. There are regulations in place to determine what aircraft is safe to fly, a permission that will come in the form of a certificate of airworthiness. If you are being asked for this…

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register an aircraft

Register an Aircraft In Seconds Flat

Do you want to register an aircraft but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing so? Does it feel like every time you sit down to register your plane, you find yourself procrastinating so that you don’t have to do it? These are perfectly understandable feelings. After all, you didn’t buy your aircraft…

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registering imported aircraft

Bringing the Plane of Your Dreams to Canada: Registering Imported Aircraft

Have you found the perfect aircraft, but aren’t sure how to bring it into Canada? Does the entire process of importing an aircraft seem arbitrary and difficult? Importing an aircraft may not be the easiest thing in the world, but when you find an aircraft you love, it’s absolutely worth it. Moreover, here at the…

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