Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a temporary certificate?

If the aircraft was previously registered and is being transferred, you may fly the aircraft for a period of 3 months, however, you must keep a copy of the previous owners’ certificate onboard.

2. How do I receive marks for my Aeroplane?

You must contact civil aviation and request marks for your plane or you may reserve a certain mark for a fee of $45 a year until you are ready to use it.

3. How do I register my aeroplane?

You may register your aeroplane by following this link.

4. How do I transfer the ownership of my aeroplane?

You may transfer the ownership an aircraft by using the form found here.

5. What is a statement of conformity?

It is a declaratory statement by the Manufacturer or individual that assembled the aeroplane. That it meets the requirements of the manufacturer’s stated TYPE DEFINITION. As stated in their Declaration of Compliance for that aeroplane.

6. What is Type Definition?

It is the manufacturers or individuals specifications of the aeroplane, such as, assembly instructions and other documents for a particular aeroplane model.