To Register Imported Aircraft, You Will Need the Following Documents

register imported aircraft

Like any import, you will find that importing aircraft into Canada will require a lot of work. You have the logistic aspect of the process, which will involve actually getting the airplane to Canada from its origin country. However, you will also have to deal with the administrative processes that come into play when you register imported aircraft with Transport Canada. Both aspects will be very important throughout and will, in conjunction, allow you to successfully import the aircraft in question while following all of the requirements set by Civil Aviation. Let’s go over what this whole process will entail. 

Register Imported Aircraft

Importing aircraft into Canada is a complex process that will involve a lot of logistic arrangements, but we are not here to talk about that aspect of the process. We are here to talk about the bureaucratic aspect of it. Yes, once it arrives in Canadian territory, you will need to register imported aircraft with Transport Canada. While this is a fairly straightforward process, it will also involve a lot of forms and submissions, so those will need to be dealt with. However, it can often be hard to keep track of exactly what it is that you need to get the process done accordingly, which is why we have outlined the requirements you will need to keep in mind throughout.

Imported Aircraft Requirements

Before actually importing the aircraft into Canada, you need to meet certain requirements so that you can register it with Civil Aviation in Transport Canada. Here is what you will need throughout the process to register imported aircraft.

  • Meeting airworthiness requirements – In order for an aircraft to be allowed to be registered in Canada, it needs to meet the national requirements for airworthiness, which you can prove to Transport Canada via a certificate of airworthiness.
  • No ongoing registration abroad – Any aircraft that you intend to import and register here in Canada cannot have any active registration abroad, so it will be very important that, should this be a used, previously registered aircraft, that you delete any registration it holds in a foreign country.
  • Proof of ownership – You will need to provide official proof that you own the aircraft in question. You will more often be able to do this through a bill of sale, just make sure that it fits the requirements for such a bill here in Canada.
  • Registration marks – It’s imperative that, as part of the import process, you remove the registration marks from the aircraft, which might include the registration number and country marks that they may have had.

All the Registration Forms You Need

So, whether you are seeking an airworthiness certificate or to register your aircraft here in Canada, you are going to need some forms. We at the National Aviation Registration can guide you through all these processes and provide you with all the necessary forms to do so. And remember that, if at any point you need help with your applications, you can call us at (800) 998-3527 or email us at