Do You Need an Aircraft Certificate Replacement? Here’s How to Get it

aircraft certificate replacement

One of the key aspects of maintaining your aircraft registration in order is to always keep an official physical copy of it on the aircraft in question. After all, this is going to serve as proof of the validity of the registration and, by that regard, the aircraft’s permission to fly in Canadian airspace. This is why, should something happen to your certificate, you will need to go through the process of getting an aircraft certificate replacement to maintain your registration in good official standing.

Getting an Aircraft Certificate Replacement

The process to get an aircraft certificate replacement is actually fairly easy. Remember when you first applied for aircraft registration and you have to submit a form with your contact information and all the manufacturer stats of the aircraft? Well, that registration is still existent, so it’s not like you have to apply all over again. However, since you always need a physical copy for it to be valid, you need to request a physical replacement. To receive this, all you need to do is submit the corresponding form with some basic information about the registration, meaning the file number, and the contact information of the owner. In no time you will be receiving the certificate replacement so that you can freely make use of your aircraft.

When to Get a Replacement?

Now you know how to get an aircraft certificate replacement, but let’s make sure that you know when it is that you need to get one. It’s important that you remember that this process is only for those whose registration is still valid and need a new physical copy of it. This might happen in cases of loss, damage, or mutilation of the original document. This is not the kind of document that you can keep as a virtual copy of in your phone and show that instead. No, you will always need an official physical copy aboard the aeroplane, so if something happens to your copy be sure to go through this process to replace it.

Registering Aircraft After Deletion

There is a common misconception that assumes that this process can reinstate registration that was deleted. Say, for example, that you left the country for a few years and had to delete your Canadian aircraft registration in order to register it abroad and now you’re back. The aircraft certificate replacement process is not for such cases in which you may need to get your registration back up here in Canada. In order to do that, you will once again have to register your aircraft. The replacement process is only for when the Transport Canada registration is still valid and you simply need a new physical copy.

All Your Aircraft Documentation Needs

Are you looking to replace your damaged or lost aircraft certificate? Well, we at the National Aviation Registration can guide you through this process and provide you with all the necessary forms to do so. And remember that, if at any point you need help with your applications, you can call us at (800) 998-3527 or email us at