aircraft transfer of ownership forms

Properly Filing Your Aircraft Transfer of Ownership Forms

Transferring aircraft ownership is a delicate process, not because it’s that complicated, but because it requires some level of attention to detail at the time of submitting the necessary forms and applications. There will be certain aircraft transfer of ownership forms involved, so it’s good to pay attention to them and how they will relate…

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airplane airworthiness certificate

Airplane Airworthiness Certificate For When You Are Exporting an Aircraft

Selling your aircraft to a fellow Canadian citizen or resident is fairly easy and will mostly just involve transferring your registration to them. Exporting the aircraft, on the other hand, will call for an airplane airworthiness certificate, as well as its own process altogether. Export Airplane Airworthiness Certificate Like any export procedure, exporting aircraft will…

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aircraft deregistration form

Learn When and How to File the Aircraft Deregistration Form in Canada

It’s very important to maintain your aircraft registration in order until the day it’s not. If you no longer need to keep your aircraft registered with Transport Canada, you will have to file the aircraft deregistration form. Let’s take a look at what that process will be like. Your Aircraft Deregistration From Every aircraft owner…

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plane change of address

Updating Your Registration with a Plane Change of Address or Ownership

As everyone who owns any aircraft in Canada will tell you, it’s always very important to make sure that your registration is always up to date and reflects any changes that may occur. This means that, should anything change, you will need to submit the corresponding forms, such as a plane change of address or…

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airplane airworthiness certificate

An Airplane Airworthiness Certificate Allows you to Fly Your Amateur Aircraft

More and more aficionados in Canada have recently taken to the skies on planes that they built themselves. This practice, known as amateur-built aircraft, demands a process to get these planes registered, including getting an airplane airworthiness certificate, but it still proves to be a fulfilling venture for those who dare to do it. Airplane…

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replace an aircraft certificate of registration

Replace an Aircraft Certificate of Registration Missing Certificate?

What’s the most important thing to remember in regards to your aircraft registration once you’ve registered your plane? Keeping it up to date and making sure it’s always valid. This means changing the address on the registration if you move at some point, transferring the ownership if you add or remove any owners, and, of…

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aircraft exchange of ownership

How to Properly Carry Out an Aircraft Exchange of Ownership

If you are transferring your aircraft to someone else, be it through a sale, and exchange, or a gift, it’s important to remember all the paperwork that comes with this. An aircraft exchange of ownership will need to be made official with Transport Canada, after all, so let’s discuss what this process will entail. Don’t…

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aircraft airworthiness certificate

Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate and What It’s For

There are a few documents that will be necessary for you to fly your aircraft at all, which includes your registration and the aircraft’s aircraft airworthiness certificate. While most people seem to have a grasp on the former one, the latter one tends to give them some trouble. Allow us to take a deeper look…

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aircraft certificate replacement

Do You Need an Aircraft Certificate Replacement? Here’s How to Get it

One of the key aspects of maintaining your aircraft registration in order is to always keep an official physical copy of it on the aircraft in question. After all, this is going to serve as proof of the validity of the registration and, by that regard, the aircraft’s permission to fly in Canadian airspace. This…

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export airworthiness certificate

An Export Airworthiness Certificate is One Step in an Export Process

The export airworthiness certificate will be at the heart of the process of exporting a Canadian aircraft, but it will not be the entirety of it. A lot of people get lost along the way by thinking that this certificate is everything they need when it comes to exporting the aircraft. However, this is merely…

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