airplane airworthiness certificate

An Airplane Airworthiness Certificate Allows you to Fly Your Amateur Aircraft

More and more aficionados in Canada have recently taken to the skies on planes that they built themselves. This practice, known as amateur-built aircraft, demands a process to get these planes registered, including getting an airplane airworthiness certificate, but it still proves to be a fulfilling venture for those who dare to do it. Airplane…

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exporting canadian aircraft

Everything You Will Need Before Exporting Canadian Aircraft

As an aircraft owner, you are probably well aware of what the Canadian parameters for registration are, but you might be stumped when it comes to arranging for the plane to be registered abroad. Exporting Canadian aircraft will require a lot of corresponding paperwork, so it’s always good to have a detailed guide for what…

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deregister an aircraft

Here’s How and When to Deregister an Aircraft from the Canadian Registry

You are probably well aware of how important it is to stay on top of your aircraft registration in order to comfortably fly according to the Canadian Aviation Regulations. However, do you know about when it’s important to deregister an aircraft?  What is Deregistration? When you first acquired your aircraft, one of the first things…

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