aircraft registration form

Understanding the Different Categories of an Aircraft Registration Form

When it comes to submitting registration forms, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the ensuing bureaucratic process. After all, what if you get something wrong? How do you make sure you’re filing for the proper registration in regards to your aircraft? Is there something in particular that you need to keep in mind…

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initial aircraft registration

How to Get Your Aircraft Initial Registration Will Vary

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that in order to fly your aircraft here, you’re going to need to register it with Transport Canada. Now, the process to get that aircraft initial registration is fairly simple, but it will definitely vary depending on certain situations. Let’s take a look at these. Aircraft Initial Registration  The most…

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how to fill out aircraft registration form

The Ultimate Guide on How to Fill Out Aircraft Registration Form

Registering your aircraft with Transport Canada, Civil Aviation isn’t hard, but it will require some attention to detail when filling out the corresponding forms. This will, after all, involve some very specific information that is better that you don’t get anything wrong. Basically, figuring out how to fill out aircraft registration form is not difficult,…

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canadian aviation registry

Taking a Closer Look at the Canadian Aviation Registry

It’s very important for aircraft owners in Canada to register their airplane with the Civil Aviation agency of Transport Canada. In order for someone to be eligible to register an aircraft in the Canadian Aviation Registry, even if it is shared, they have to be a Canadian citizen, a Canadian resident, or a corporation incorporated…

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airplane certificate of registration replacement

Airplane Certificate of Registration Replacement Something to Keep in Mind

Everyone knows how important it is to maintain one’s registration in order to be able to fly comfortably and legally. However, not many are aware of how vital it is to keep the official copy around, or how you’ll need an airplane certificate of registration replacement in cases of loss or misplacement. Airplane Certificate of…

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plane change of address

Updating Your Registration with a Plane Change of Address or Ownership

As everyone who owns any aircraft in Canada will tell you, it’s always very important to make sure that your registration is always up to date and reflects any changes that may occur. This means that, should anything change, you will need to submit the corresponding forms, such as a plane change of address or…

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civil aircraft register

The Civil Aircraft Register Process Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

The civil aircraft register process may be one of the most common yet misunderstood processes overseen by Transport Canada. Basically, this will be the process by which an owner registers their aircraft with this government agency. As simple as that might sound, a lot of people get confused somewhere along the way. That is, however,…

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aircraft registration application

Your Aircraft Registration Application Depends on the Aircraft’s Origin

While this sort of bureaucratic process can be quite tiring or inconvenient, it’s important that your vehicles are properly registered with the corresponding agencies to make sure that they are operating safely and legally. This is true whether you are talking about a car or an aeroplane. Let’s go over the process for aircraft registration…

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initial aircraft registration

Initial Aircraft Registration Canadian and Foreign Aircraft

The process to register your aircraft will be fairly simple. You have to gather a few documents, fill out a few forms, and submit them all to Transport Canada, all of which you can do through our platform here at the National Aviation Registration. However, the initial aircraft registration process will differ slightly when the…

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aircraft registration

Updating Your Aircraft Registration HAs Never Been Easier

It’s vital that you always stay on top of any potential changes that may be needed for your aircraft registration to remain valid and up to date. This is, after all, the legal proof of your aircraft ownership. If there are changes that need to be made, here we can help you know what you…

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