Importing Aircraft From the USA to Canada Explained Step by Step

importing aircraft from the usa to canada

When importing aircraft from the USA to Canada, you need to keep in mind that certain aspects of the process are going to be very delicate. If you want to make sure that the overall cooperation goes smoothly, we have a good breakdown of what you should keep in mind. This is, after all, an international operation to move very expensive property from a country to another. To properly carry out this process, you will need to understand Transport Canada’s guidelines for such an import. If the process seems intimidating, don’t worry. We can make sure that you always know what to do in terms of permits, documentation, and registration.

Importing Aircraft From the USA to Canada

The process to import any sort of aircraft into Canada is not as complicated as it might seem but, like with anything, it will require some paperwork. In fact, the whole thing might get confusing if you don’t have the right guide throughout it. This is why we can provide you with a guide outlining everything you need to do.

To Do Before Registering an Imported Aircraft

Importing aircraft from the USA to Canada, like importing pretty much anything, will require a significant amount of paperwork and preparation. In fact, there is a specific process to follow that will call for you to contact different government agencies. This is a brief overview of what a process like this looks like:

  • The first thing you will want to do is contact the Civil Aviation agency to make sure that your aircraft is eligible to be imported into Canada in the first place.
  • Request proof from the last country in which the aircraft was registered in, officially known as the last state of registry, that it is no longer officially registered there. 
  • Make sure that the aircraft meets all the airworthiness requirements necessary for its importation into Canada.
  • Apply for registration marks for the aircraft with Civil Aviation.

Apply for Registration

Now that you know that you can go forward importing aircraft from the USA to Canada, it will be time to register the aircraft with Transport Canada. This process is not difficult, but it will require that you provide a few documents and fill out a form. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Fill out the application for registration of the aircraft, which is readily available on our sidebar menu for you to submit through our platform.
  • Include a proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale, along with the application.
  • Attach a picture of the aircraft’s ID plate that includes the name of the manufacturer, the model, the serial number, and type certificate number if applicable.
  • Pay for the registration fee, which you can also do when applying through our platform.

National Aviation Registration

Whether you are importing aircraft from the USA to Canada or registering a Canadian aircraft, we at the National Aviation Registration can guide you through the process and provide you with all the necessary forms. Just know that if at any point you need help with your applications, you can call us at (800) 998-3527 or email us at