New Rating for an Aircraft Apply with the National Aviation Registration

new rating for an aircraft

As you probably know already, when it comes to aviation documentation there are specific ratings for aircraft. These will determine whether or not the aircraft can do specific things, be them flying at night or carry passengers. If your aircraft is not qualified to do something and you would like to change that, you will need to apply for a new rating for an aircraft which is actually simpler than it sounds.

Getting a New Rating for an Aircraft

In order for an aircraft to be qualified, in terms of its registration, to perform certain actions and under certain conditions, the aircraft needs to receive a specific rating that designates it as able to do so. This is more of an administrative thing than actual verdict on the plane‘s capacity to do something, similarly to how there are specific driver’s license designations for cars and certain trucks. Now, getting a new rating is not hard, but you will have to keep in mind what specific rating you are applying for.

Rating Categories

Ratings exist so that you can use your aircraft for specific purposes. In order to use your aircraft under certain circumstances, it needs to be designated as able to do so under Canadian aviation regulations. There needs to be a specific aircraft rating that stipulates and determines what the particular permissions of this one aircraft are. The following are the available ratings.


  • Night Rating – If you are looking to not just fly your aircraft during the day but also while at night, you will need a specific new aircraft rating.
  • Seaplane / Landplane – There is a specific type of aircraft rating that applies to whether the plane is used for land or sea landing. In order to change or add a specific permission, you will need to get a new aircraft rating.
  • VFR Over the Top – In order to fly over the top of clouds for visual flight in times of malfunctioning instruments, weather, or turbulence, the aircraft needs a specific rating.
  • Passenger Carrying – When it comes to ultralight aircraft, there needs to be a specific rating added onto the aircraft in order to carry additional passengers.
  • Flight Instruction – If the aircraft is going to be used for teaching and instruction purposes, then a new rating will be needed to certify it for such. There will be different ratings depending on the kind of aircraft it is, be it an aeroplane and helicopter or a glider, balloon, gyroplane, ultralight, or aerobatic aircraft.


Easily Add a New Rating

So, if you are looking to receive a new rating for an aircraft, all you need to do is apply to Transport Canada with the corresponding form. You could do this directly with them, sure, but you risk having your forms returned and delay for simple mistakes. Instead, allow our team here at the National Aviation Registry to guide you through this. Here you will find all the forms you might need for your aviation papers, including those for new ratings. Should you need some additional help with any of it, give us a call at 1-800-998-3527 and we’ll answer your questions in no time.