Register Ultralight Aircraft in Canada According to Subcategory

ultralight aircraft in canada

Registering your aircraft with Transport Canada is a necessity for every owner given the regulations posed by Transport Canada. This is done to maintain a consistent record of the aircraft being flown over Canadian airspace, so it’s important for every owner to register the aircraft in accordance with these guidelines. However, remember that not all registration is going to require the same process. There is a particular category of aircraft that is known as ultralight aircraft in Canada, which in and of itself will have two main subcategories. Let’s discuss what Canadian regulations for these aircraft are.

Guidelines for Ultralight Aircraft

The definition of what constitutes an ultralight aircraft will vary from country to country. Here in Canada, there are two main guidelines that determine whether an aircraft is considered ultralight or not. These are, in and of themselves, divided in two categories: basic and advanced. So, if you know that your aircraft officially qualifies as ultralight but aren’t sure about what subcategory it belongs in, we can provide you with a simple way to determine iy yourself. Let’s talk about the basic and advanced designations of ultralight aircraft in Canada and what they entail in terms of your registration.

Basic Ultralight Aeroplane

So, where should we start with when it comes to categorizing your ultralight aircraft? First, you have your basic ultralight aeroplane. How do you determine whether your aircraft falls under this designation or not? Well, basic ultralight aircraft will have capacity for two people and an MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) of 544 kilograms (1,200 pounds). Aircraft in this category must only be used under daylight visual conditions, operated from land or water, and with the appropriate ultralight pilot permit. So, if your aircraft meets these criteria, be sure to register it, not as a regular aircraft, but as a basic ultralight one for specificity’s sake and official purposes. 

Advanced Ultralight Aeroplane

The next division will be that for advanced ultralight aeroplanes. Now, these aircraft will have a capacity of two people and an MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) of 559 kilograms (1,232 pounds). These must only be used under daylight visual conditions and with the appropriate ultralight pilot permit. Under some circumstances, the aircraft may only carry a passenger if the pilot has the necessary ultralight aeroplane passenger-carrying rating. Additionally, it can also operate at a controlled airport without prior arrangement. Once again, be sure to register the aircraft accordingly depending on its category in order to be able to enjoy these sorts of benefits.

Registering Ultralight Aircraft in Canada

In the end, regardless of the categories, you will have to register your airplane with Transport Canada. So, whether you are registering ultralight aircraft in Canada as basic or advanced, or even if the aircraft isn’t ultralight in the first place, we at the National Aviation Registration can guide you through the process and provide you with all the necessary forms. Just know that if at any point you need help with your applications, you can call us at (800) 998-3527 or email us at