Airplane Certificate of Registration Replacement Something to Keep in Mind

airplane certificate of registration replacement

Everyone knows how important it is to maintain one’s registration in order to be able to fly comfortably and legally. However, not many are aware of how vital it is to keep the official copy around, or how you’ll need an airplane certificate of registration replacement in cases of loss or misplacement.

Airplane Certificate of Registration Replacement  

As you probably know already, your airplane’s certificate of registration is a very important piece of documentation that you will have to keep on you at all times when flying your aircraft. After all, this is the official document that confirms that your papers in relation to the aircraft are all in order and that you’re flying in accordance to Transport Canada’s civil aviation requirements and regulations. This will also be the document that ties your aircraft to all related documentation on Transport Canada’s records. Whether these are financial or administrative in nature, they will be organized and filed on their database in relation to the aircraft and you, the owner.

Why Get a Replacement?

Now, in what situations might you end up needing an airplane certificate of registration replacement? Well, as we already stated, it’s important that your registration is always at hand when it comes to flying your aircraft. After all, this is how you prove that you’re flying in accordance with the law. It’s worth noting that this will have to be the original certificate and not a copy. You can’t just keep a scan on your phone or show officials a picture of it. The document needs to be the official one, which is why if something happens to it you will need to get a replacement. If for any reason you don’t have an official hard copy of your certificate of registration, it’s safer to assume that your aircraft is grounded until you have the proper documentation with you.

File the Right Forms

Now, how do you get that airplane certificate of registration should something happen to your copy? Well, the process is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is apply for it with Transport Canada. There’s a specific form meant to help you request the certificate replacement, and there’s really nothing complicated about filling it out. Your registration is, after all, still valid in and of itself, the only thing that has changed is your access to a physical copy. In order to take care of this, you will just have to submit the corresponding form and pay the corresponding fee. The process will be over in no time and you’ll be able to fly your aircraft again soon.

National Aviation Registration to Help 

Submitting any sort of administrative form can become quite a headache if you’re dealing with uncooperative government agencies. That is why we at the National Aviation Registration are here to lend a hand. Our platform has every form relevant to the aircraft documentation processes, making it easy for you to not just find the form for an airplane certificate of registration replacement, but also to fill it out and submit it to Transport Canada. If you need help at any step in the process, all you have to do is give us a call at 1-800-998-3527 or email us at We’ll make sure you get the assistance you need.