de register aircraft in canada

When, Why, and How to De-Register Aircraft in Canada

You are well-aware of how important it is to maintain your aircraft registration in order to legally make use of your airplane. However, it can be just as important to delete it in certain situations, which some aircraft owners are not always privy to. Let’s talk about when and why it is necessary to de-register…

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ultralight aircraft in canada

Register Ultralight Aircraft in Canada According to Subcategory

Registering your aircraft with Transport Canada is a necessity for every owner given the regulations posed by Transport Canada. This is done to maintain a consistent record of the aircraft being flown over Canadian airspace, so it’s important for every owner to register the aircraft in accordance with these guidelines. However, remember that not all…

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new rating for an aircraft

New Rating for an Aircraft Apply with the National Aviation Registration

As you probably know already, when it comes to aviation documentation there are specific ratings for aircraft. These will determine whether or not the aircraft can do specific things, be them flying at night or carry passengers. If your aircraft is not qualified to do something and you would like to change that, you will…

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aircraft change of ownership

Carrying Out a Successful Aircraft Change of Ownership

You might be surprised to learn that your aircraft registration is not necessarily tied to you yourself, but that it is entirely dependent on the aircraft. What does this mean? Well, that if the aircraft changes owners then the registration will go with the airplane. Now, the process by which this takes place will have…

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lost aircraft registration

What to Do if You Lost Aircraft Registration: Replace Certificates

No one wants to lose any sort of official document given how complicated the aftermath can be, but we at the National Aircraft Registration want to make sure this process isn’t that complex. If you have lost aircraft registration, here’s how to replace it promptly. What Happened to Your Certificate of Registration? First of all,…

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exporting canadian aircraft

Everything You Will Need Before Exporting Canadian Aircraft

As an aircraft owner, you are probably well aware of what the Canadian parameters for registration are, but you might be stumped when it comes to arranging for the plane to be registered abroad. Exporting Canadian aircraft will require a lot of corresponding paperwork, so it’s always good to have a detailed guide for what…

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deregister an aircraft

Here’s How and When to Deregister an Aircraft from the Canadian Registry

You are probably well aware of how important it is to stay on top of your aircraft registration in order to comfortably fly according to the Canadian Aviation Regulations. However, do you know about when it’s important to deregister an aircraft?  What is Deregistration? When you first acquired your aircraft, one of the first things…

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