plane change of address

Updating Your Registration with a Plane Change of Address or Ownership

As everyone who owns any aircraft in Canada will tell you, it’s always very important to make sure that your registration is always up to date and reflects any changes that may occur. This means that, should anything change, you will need to submit the corresponding forms, such as a plane change of address or…

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aircraft exchange of ownership

How to Properly Carry Out an Aircraft Exchange of Ownership

If you are transferring your aircraft to someone else, be it through a sale, and exchange, or a gift, it’s important to remember all the paperwork that comes with this. An aircraft exchange of ownership will need to be made official with Transport Canada, after all, so let’s discuss what this process will entail. Don’t…

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aircraft change of ownership

Carrying Out a Successful Aircraft Change of Ownership

You might be surprised to learn that your aircraft registration is not necessarily tied to you yourself, but that it is entirely dependent on the aircraft. What does this mean? Well, that if the aircraft changes owners then the registration will go with the airplane. Now, the process by which this takes place will have…

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