Beyond Canadian Aircraft Registration

canadian aircraft registration

Are you looking to get your Canadian aircraft registration done so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore? Or, alternatively, have you registered your aircraft and aren’t sure what happens next? Aircraft registration, like aircraft maintenance, is ongoing. It’s not something that you’re ever really “done with,” unless you’re done with flying the airplane itself. Here at our site, we have all of the forms that you might need throughout the life of owning your airplane. 

Initial Canadian Aircraft Registration 

If you’re going to fly an aircraft in Canada, you need this registration. Full stop. There’s no way around it, particularly not if you’re going to be in Canada for some time. Don’t let that language scare you off, however: it’s easier than it might seem. If you go to our homepage, you don’t have to look for the initial registration form: it’s right there in the middle of our site. Just fill that out and send it in, we’ll make sure it gets to where it needs to go fast. In fact, if you want to expedite the process even further, you can choose “rush processing.” We know that some of our customers need to be at the top of the queue, and we can make that happen for you. 

Registration As Times Change

Have you bought an aircraft from someone else and need to get it registered in your name? Then, the right thing to do is to go to our “Change of Ownership – Aircraft” form. Did you move from the home you lived in when you initially registered your aircraft? If that’s the case, then our “Change of Address” form can help you to stay in compliance with the authorities. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve gotten to the point where it’s time to move on from your aircraft. Should that be the case, we can help in many ways, such as making it easier to de-register your aircraft. 

A New Form 

In our modern, digital age, you can fill out the form for a Certificate of Registration online quickly and easily. However, what you can’t do is just get by with having a digital copy of that form. You need to have an actual, physical copy of this form on your aircraft. Just having a picture on your phone, or saved in the cloud, isn’t enough in and of itself. To keep you in compliance, you can buy a replacement through our site. 

Assistance with Forms 

When you fill out these forms, it’s natural to feel like you’re on your own, that there’s no one to help you. However, that’s not the case. If you have any questions about any aspect of these forms, (such as which ones to fill out, which are the best fit for your aircraft, and so forth) we can help. In fact, if you want someone to walk you through the process, a member of our trained staff would be happy to help there, too. For more, visit our site or call (800) 998-3527.