How to Get Your Aircraft Initial Registration Will Vary

initial aircraft registration

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that in order to fly your aircraft here, you’re going to need to register it with Transport Canada. Now, the process to get that aircraft initial registration is fairly simple, but it will definitely vary depending on certain situations. Let’s take a look at these.

Aircraft Initial Registration 

The most common case of aircraft initial registration will be the one that you’ll need once you get an aircraft directly from a manufacturer or retailer. We’re talking about new aircraft that have never been registered with Transport Canada before. Getting this registration will be important given that it will be the document that allows you to fly in accordance with the rules and regulations in place. Don’t worry, the process isn’t that hard. You will need to submit a form, as well as the corresponding proof of ownership as evidence of your purchase. Once you’ve taken care of that process, you will soon have the necessary documentation to be able to fly legally. Just remember that in order to register an aircraft, you have to be a Canadian citizen, a Canadian resident, or a corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada.

Registering a Used Aircraft

Now, when it comes to buying an aircraft from someone else who already had the plane registered with Transport Canada, the process will be slightly different. This will involve a transfer of ownership, which will have to be filed by the previous owner in order to pass the ownership along to you. The registration with Transport Canada is tied to the aircraft itself, so it moves along with the plane from owner to owner, ensuring consistency in its official registration and making transfers and changes easier. Instead of getting aircraft initial registration from scratch, you will simply have the previous registration transferred on to you. 

Registering a Foreign Plane

Now, when it comes to foreign aircraft that were previously registered abroad, the process of initial registration is going to be the same as that for new aircraft, regardless of whether or not these were previously owned by someone else. What’s important here is that the aircraft hasn’t been registered with Transport Canada and that their registration abroad has been deleted or canceled. In fact, you will have to provide proof that the plane is no longer registered elsewhere as part of this application process. Other than that, it’s all going to be fairly similar to the initial process.

National Aviation Registration

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