register imported aircraft

To Register Imported Aircraft, You Will Need the Following Documents

Like any import, you will find that importing aircraft into Canada will require a lot of work. You have the logistic aspect of the process, which will involve actually getting the airplane to Canada from its origin country. However, you will also have to deal with the administrative processes that come into play when you…

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aircraft registration

Updating Your Aircraft Registration HAs Never Been Easier

It’s vital that you always stay on top of any potential changes that may be needed for your aircraft registration to remain valid and up to date. This is, after all, the legal proof of your aircraft ownership. If there are changes that need to be made, here we can help you know what you…

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export airworthiness certificate

An Export Airworthiness Certificate is One Step in an Export Process

The export airworthiness certificate will be at the heart of the process of exporting a Canadian aircraft, but it will not be the entirety of it. A lot of people get lost along the way by thinking that this certificate is everything they need when it comes to exporting the aircraft. However, this is merely…

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de register aircraft in canada

When, Why, and How to De-Register Aircraft in Canada

You are well-aware of how important it is to maintain your aircraft registration in order to legally make use of your airplane. However, it can be just as important to delete it in certain situations, which some aircraft owners are not always privy to. Let’s talk about when and why it is necessary to de-register…

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ultralight aircraft in canada

Register Ultralight Aircraft in Canada According to Subcategory

Registering your aircraft with Transport Canada is a necessity for every owner given the regulations posed by Transport Canada. This is done to maintain a consistent record of the aircraft being flown over Canadian airspace, so it’s important for every owner to register the aircraft in accordance with these guidelines. However, remember that not all…

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importing aircraft from the usa to canada

Importing Aircraft From the USA to Canada Explained Step by Step

When importing aircraft from the USA to Canada, you need to keep in mind that certain aspects of the process are going to be very delicate. If you want to make sure that the overall cooperation goes smoothly, we have a good breakdown of what you should keep in mind. This is, after all, an…

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new rating for an aircraft

New Rating for an Aircraft Apply with the National Aviation Registration

As you probably know already, when it comes to aviation documentation there are specific ratings for aircraft. These will determine whether or not the aircraft can do specific things, be them flying at night or carry passengers. If your aircraft is not qualified to do something and you would like to change that, you will…

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co registering an aircraft

The Difference Between Registering and Co-Registering an Aircraft

There are different ways of registering your aircraft, and each will depend on a lot of different factors. Is your aircraft ultralight or not? If so, is it basic or advanced? Are you registering it alone or are you co-registering an aircraft? Has the aircraft been registered before? You will need to consider lots of…

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canadian aircraft registration

Canadian Aircraft Registration Made Simple and Quick

Have you tried to sit down to complete your Canadian aircraft registration, yet you just couldn’t bring yourself to complete it? Did you clear time in your schedule to get it done, only to find that it was so tedious you couldn’t? That’s how it is for many people. You own a plane. You want…

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register an aircraft in canada

Register an Aircraft in Canada the Right Way

Have you been trying to register an aircraft in Canada but don’t know where to start? Does it seem like the more research you do on how to complete your registration, the more confusing it gets? If you feel that way, you aren’t alone. Here at National Aviation Registration, many of our founding members are…

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